The total supply of 4CH5 is 1 Billion tokens. On creation of the contract all tokens were added to PancakeSwap liquidity. 4CH5 was fairly launched with all followers getting a fair chance to join the 4CH5 holders club.

Transaction Fees

4CH5 has a 12% tax on all buy and sell transactions.

10% BUSD Reflections

10% of each transaction is deducted and automatically swapped into Binance-pegged BUSD. The BUSD is collected by the contract and then distributed to holders automatically.

2% Liquified

2% of every transaction is deducted and split in half. The first half remains as 4CH5 while the other half is swapped for BNB. The contract then adds the 4CH5/BNB to Pancakeswap liquidity and burns the LP.

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