Top Shilled Coins
The Top Shilled Coins list is the first 4CH5 tool to launch. Our backend bots scour through all the threads on /biz/, one of the highest traffic crypto communities on the internet, and ranks the tokens by most mentions.
This list can be an effective tool for crypto trading because it shows the current price and the daily change. For example if you see a coin high on the list with a big % gain it may be a good idea to take profits. Likewise if a coin is trending and has a -% gain it may be time to buy the dip.

Twitter and Telegram Lists will be added.

4CH5 also has working bots that can do the same function for Twitter and Telegram. These lists will be added soon and may require holding 4CH5 to access. The way that will be implemented has not been decided yet but all updates will be shared in the Telegram and on Twitter.
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