More 4CH5 Tools

Roadmap for Q4 2021

Top Shilled Coins

The Top Shilled Coins list will be upgraded to include tabs to switch to the top Telegram Coins and Top Twitter coins. The completed project will allow users to view the top trending coins across all major crypto platforms in one spot.

Coin Sniper

The Coin Sniper will be a simple SwapETHtoTokens function that will allow users to bypass using PancakeSwap to get in early on new listings. This 4CH5 Tool will allow you to avoid the painful UI lag and constant "Transactions Reverted" errors on PCS. The tool will allow you to specify the token contract you would like and the amount of BNB you want to spend. On its own it is not that impressive but when combined with the next tool the Liquidity Tracker it really shines.

Liquidity Tracker

The Liquidity Tracker will listen for events on the blockchain and report back when initial liquidity is added to a token. The token info will be displayed with all the needed details as well as a rugcheck report. This feature will be integrated into the Coin Sniper and will allow experienced users a chance to get in extremely early on new coins.